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“Having Keri as my personal coach has given me great insight on how to become a better leader for my team. She has also given me tools to use in my new role and in my personal life. Keri is very pleasant to work with and I look forward to our meetings.  Thank you, Keri for helping me along my journey.”


“My work with Keri Schwebius has positively impacted my confidence and helped me build on my strengths and weaknesses.  During our conversations, I work through the “hairball” that is leadership to clearly identify root cause and defined actions I can take to hone my leadership skill.  Since working with Keri, I have improved my own coaching skills which has empowered my team to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Keri has also improved my ability to manage stress and to focus on the things I can control and change.  She has helped me assess situations and develop an approach to difficult conversations.  

Keri is someone you can confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential.  She is genuine and real; someone I trust can help me continue to grow as a leader and a person.”


“Keri is welcoming and approachable.  Conversations were open, unfiltered and occasionally raw. Keri would echo back relevant statements from previous sessions and in doing so would increase self-awareness and bring focus. She allowed me to explore possibilities and at the same time funnelled the energy in a direction of growth.  Coaching provided me a structured time for self-reflection resulting in confidence for the future.”