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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

At Ellevate, we believe that leadership is not only a position but a mindset. Our comprehensive leadership development programs are designed to nurture and grow effective leaders who can inspire and lead their teams to greatness. Through a combination of interactive workshops, immersive experiential learning, and real-world simulations, our programs will equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel in your leadership role. From mastering communication and influencing skills to building high-performing teams, our development programs empower you to lead with confidence, resilience, and adaptability.

Lighthouse Leadership Program

This program is offered virtually over 12 weeks or in-person over three days and is designed around the leadership framework:

  • Focus on Self

  • Focus on Leading Others

  • Leading in Context

  • Continous Growth

We cover a variety of topics including values, purpose, authentic leadership style, self-awareness, wellness, building trust and relationships, effective communication, coaching employees, organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, achieving results and continuing your leadership journey. 

How to Have  Difficult Conversations

Do you struggle to hold people accountable for their behaviour and results?

You’re not alone. However, when leaders don’t hold employees accountable, the results can include poor performance, lower revenues or toxic workplace cultures. In this half-day workshop, you will:

  • learn why it’s essential to have difficult conversations and hold employees accountable

  • discover what you need to do to have better conversations…even the difficult ones

  • practice new skills so you can gain the courage to have those difficult conversations

  • walk away with skills to become a more effective leader

Coach Approach to Leadership

As a manager, you’re often a problem-solver. What if you could spend less time putting out fires and more time empowering a more effective and capable team? Today’s employees are looking for more than a pay cheque. They want to feel valued for making a contribution and opportunities to learn and grow. As a leader, when you coach your employees, you help them grow. During this 1.5 day virtual workshop you will:

  • develop a coaching mindset

  • learn how to build trust and psychological safety so you have powerful conversations

  • walk away with a coaching model you can implement immediately

  • learn how to hold your employees capable

Creating Psychologcial Safety

Organizations with constructive, collaborative cultures achieve higher profits and lower employee turnover among other benefits.

It’s important for leaders to cultivate psychological safety so their increasingly diverse teams can work effectively and collaboratively to achieve greater results. In this workshop, you will:

  • learn what psychological safety is and why it’s important to nurture it in your teams

  • assess the level of psychological safety in your workplace

  • learn the key steps and behaviours required to develop psychological safety

  • walk away with a plan you can implement immediately

Customized Topics

If you are looking for a workshop or presentation that is not losted above, let me know. I have a number of resources and customize a workshop or presentation to meet your needs.

I cannot say enough good things about the Leadership Lighthouse Workshop. I have been through many leadership courses throughout my 20 years in the industry and this one ranks high on the list. Keri takes the time to help participants learn about themselves, recognize how we show up and then also find ways to grow our leadership. Working through the program there were key concepts I had heard before, but Keri’s take on them, approach to learning and new little take aways made the course refreshing and digestible. Anyone who is looking to expand their leadership knowledge and build self-awareness should go through this program. If you are looking for a leadership course that will help you build the foundational pieces around becoming a great leader then this is the course for you!

Shannon D.

Contact us for a personalized program that meets your team's needs

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