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Culture By Design

Coaching conversations support leaders to solve the challenges they face and as we come through this pandemic, one of the current challenges is corporate culture.

I’ve read several headlines about how corporate culture is suffering as a result of remote workforces. Leaders are now wondering how to nurture their culture as we approach what we all hope is the end of this pandemic and further still, how to do it in a hybrid workplace.

There are two ideas I want to share with you.

  1. Culture is created by design or default and many of those daily face-to-face interactions fall into that default category. As a leader, you can design the culture you want—regardless of whether or not your team is physically together.

  2. Leadership behaviours have the most significant impact on corporate culture. In person, online or via email, your employees are paying attention to what you say and what you do. They take their cues from you. What you demonstrate as desired and acceptable behaviour becomes how we do things around here.

A constructive culture increases employee engagement and productivity, drives innovation, improves retention and contributes to your ability to attract top talent. All of these have an impact on your company’s bottom line.

In a coaching relationship, a leader or team of leaders can create a plan to:

  • Design the culture that will help your organization achieve greater business success

  • Identify the desired and acceptable leadership behaviours that will contribute to a constructive culture

  • Determine how to hold themselves and others accountable for those behaviours

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